Summer English Camp 2022!

Good to be back!

This summer I had the joy of returning to Hungary and participating in OMS’s English Ministry! Last year I had the opportunity to be an intern at these camps and they have become one of my favorite things on this planet to do! I was so happy to be back! It was great to see my old friends as well as make new ones! This year’s team was great and so many happy memories were made!!

News regarding long-term missions opportunity!! See below 🙂

Our Ministry

One of the ways OMS Hungary serves the local communities while spreading the Gospel is through Summer English Camps. In Hungary, there is a strong desire to learn English. Speaking English is a desired trait because it can give a competitive edge in job hunting as well as open the door to abroad opportunities. English camp is a great way for a student to better their English. As native speakers, our camps are highly sought after. We use this as a tool to spread the Gospel. We don’t hide that we are a Christian organization doing Christian camps.

The theme this year was “Super”. Each day of camp was focused on a different superpower. During the morning program, a devotional set the foundation for the theme of the day and ties it to Jesus and the Gospel. This would get the kids thinking. Later there would be conversation groups to dive deeper into the devotional and the theme of the day. For example, one of the themes of the day was “regeneration”. On this day we explored and asked questions to the kids regarding “how God creates something new out of something broken” and “how he regenerates us”. Conversation groups serve as a way to get the kids comfortable speaking in English and potentially opening up about their beliefs or asking questions about God.

My Conversation Group

In my conversation group, I had the beginner boys and since they were all beginners, I had to really rely on my translator. I lucked out because my translator was the pastor at the church we held camp at last year. So whenever a kid had a really great question about God, I had tons of help answering it. It was really awesome to see the kids progress throughout the week and open up to us as well as each other. Towards the end of camp, we were having a lot of good discussions about faith.

A big part of what we did as a conversation group was to compete together in the Olympics. We dubbed ourselves the “Strong Boys”, designed a banner, and a chant, and readied our team spirit.

The Strong Boys during the Olympics
Banner Showcase

My role at camp

Going into camp, I felt God working on three key areas in my life. Those areas were love, humility, and serving others. Camp is about the campers and sharing the Gospel. To live Christ-like, I needed to focus on others. Camp is not all about Trevor. Going into camp with this mentality helped shape my actions and intentions. This is definitely something I need to bring to the rest of my life.

I settled into my role pretty quickly. I am the one to make everyone else comfortable, often at the expense of my own comfort. I knew from previous camps that being high-energy, outgoing, and a little goofy will help other people get comfortable. I knew that towards the end of camp is when we’ll see everyone really getting along so my goal was to expedite that by jumping in straight away. Some of the campers who did camps last year referred to me as “Crazy Trevor”. At least I was remembered.

I am a strong believer in testimony to share the Gospel. God has custom tailored each one of our testimonies for a reason. That reason is to use them for His good. I am an open book when it comes to mine, so I had no hesitation sharing. I knew that some of the kids probably came from the same background as me, such as growing up without close friends or a dad walking out. A part of my goal of making other people comfortable comes with sharing my testimony freely to help other people. Talking about my testimony, or any other hard subject can help someone know that they are not alone. For example, in our conversation group when we were talking about “shapeshifting”, we talked about friendships and how we change ourselves depending on who we are with. I shared a part of my testimony of my struggle to find real friends. I then glorified God by sharing that it wasn’t until I became a Christian and became a part of His family, I found real friendship.


As a volunteer coming into the camp, I was asked to create and lead a workshop. I dropped the ball when it came to creating a workshop so I was assigned one. I was assigned the games workshop. Which was great because I love games. More specifically I love card games. Students signed up for a different workshop each day. The other workshops included a catapult, bracelet, grilled cheese making, and a relay race/obstacle course. In my workshop, we played some games such as Uno and Codenames. Codenames were a bit tricky to play because it relies on a thorough knowledge of English. If you have played before, you know what I mean. (If you haven’t, check it out!) We were extremely blessed because the school we were at had a Table Tennis table. We played a lot of ping pong.

Trevor losing badly 😦

During one workshop/free period I hosted a Table Tennis tournament. The winner got to challenge me. The tournament was really fun! But when it came for me to play the winner of the tournament I got smoked badly. They are really really good at ping pong. Something I had to learn quickly while playing was how to put spin on the ball.

The Ping Pong Lounge

Long-Term Opportunity – Hello Spain!

A part of my internship last year was to discover what God was calling me to long-term. I knew for a fact that I am called to missions and to One Mission Society. We started a conversation last year concerning my future with OMS. We discussed an opportunity in Spain to work at a camp OMS owns. In a quick overview, OMS has plans to use business professionals to work with projects to generate income for the field. This is something that interests me and I feel called towards, given my love for business and experience as a manager. Last year, the plan was to get home and start the application for Spain right away. However, I felt God pump the breaks on applying. When I returned home, I found myself with a lot more responsibility at work and just started my online schooling. It did not feel like the right time.

During this trip, I resumed those long-term talks. Knowing that the Spanish field will need leaders, this last year I focused on what makes a great leader and I worked on those skills. I came back to Hungary prepared with specific things and scenarios that showcased what I learned as a leader. The talks went great and we are moving forward! Right now, I resumed my application for Spain. I don’t have all the details at the moment, but I will so please stay tuned! Please be praying for me as I pursue this opportunity! 🙂 I am looking forward to creating a post with all the details and description of what I will be doing. Please subscribe to the newsletter to stay in the loop!

Peña de Horeb aka the camp in Spain

Photos 🙂

Pool day
Strong Boys
Corn Hole with the Conversation Group
Gaga Ball was really big! We would get the inside perimeter of the octagon completely full of people playing. It was one of the most intense games I have ever played. Each night we would have these massive games going. Some nights we played until it was completely dark and we had to use phone flashlights to illuminate the pit.

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