Back to Budapest!

I am incredibly excited to share that I am returning to Budapest very soon! This Summer, I will again be embarking from Glasgow on the 5,000-mile journey to Hungary. I will be leaving on June 29th and will return on July 13th. There I will be with a team of missionaries and local volunteers assisting in the Vác English camp.

Although I will be there for a significantly shorter amount of time compared to last year, it is a very important trip concerning my next steps with One Mission Society. I am going to sit down with the team and talk about long-term mission opportunities. This is a conversation we started last year but had to postpone to allow me time to finish my degree while tuition was financially secured by FedEx.

Please be praying with me as I prepare to leave. Pray for the students God has lined up for summer English camp and that campers can experience Christ. Pray for the staff coming from around the world as well as the missionaries in Hungary who have worked hard on curriculum, planning, and coordinating. And pray for the Ukrainian refugee relief in Hungary as the conflict shows no signs of slowing down.

PRAISE ITEM!! Again I am extremely humbled by the support of my ministry partners. We did such a great job fundraising last year that the majority of this trip is paid for! We raised an extra $2,633 last year and that is going towards this trip. Praise God!

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