Blessings from Budapest (pt.2)

“But my life is worth nothing to me unless I use it for finishing the work assigned to me by the Lord Jesus- the work of telling others the Good News about the wonderful grace of God.”

Acts of the Apostles 20:24

Everything happens perfectly! God doesn’t speed up or slow down. That being said, He is doing so much that it feels like I’m on a bullet train. Greetings and well wishes! Hope you are doing great! If you haven’t already please go check out Blessings from Budapest (pt.1)

Church at Golgota Budapest

On Sundays, we take the metro to church. We have been going to a local church called Golgota Budapest (Calvary Chapel). Its pretty rad! It’s seated in an old theater and still has it’s vintage seating and lighting. It has a very modern atmosphere. Worship is fantastic! Even though all the songs are in Hungarian, that hasn’t stopped me from stomping my feet and clapping my hands. Singing praises to God in different languages and submerged in other cultures will always be my favorite! All one family!

Services are translated to English by a local translator. We have been working our way through 1 Corinthians, or 1 Korinthus. You can probably find their YouVersion event on Sunday! Sermons are great, though I wish I could understand the Hungarian. Great motivation to learn!

We sometimes go to KFC as a post-church treat. Kentucky Fried Chicken is so much better here than in the states. Never thought I would be praising KFC but the difference is unreal. Maybe it’s all the food laws the European Union has but it’s just so tasty! I am definitely going to miss getting a big box of chicken and eating somewhere with the team.

Open for Business

This last month, Hungary revisited many of it’s laws and regulations regarding Covid. Masks were required indoors and on public transport, as well as many buildings required Hungarian vaccination records, which I don’t have. Thankfully these were lifted and we are able to go out and do more stuff.

It also brought tons of tourists back to the city. At the beginner of summer, only Hungarian residents and people invited by the government were allowed in the country. I got to experience Budapest like a true local. It was actually really nice because they were no crowds of people everywhere.

Summer English Camp at Vác

Two more successful English camps! We were in Vác (vahts) earlier this month. A town of 40,000 people located an hour north of Budapest. Very beautiful town and also some great ice cream!

Camps were held at Golgota’s church there. Apparently the church also has some connection to Montana! I was talking to the pastor at the church and he was telling me he had some friends who lived in Fishtail! Small world moment!

We held two 3 day long camps. These are the proper OMS branded English camps compared to the one we did in Letenye last month. Traditionally camps are week long and overnight. Unfortunately we could only do smaller day camps this year due to the uncertainty of Covid. We still had an impressive turnout at the camps with over 40 kids plus a wide range of Hungarian and OMS staff members.

These were also more structured with more activities. Such as English lessons, workshops, readings, listening exercises, grammar, and conversation groups. Kids were split up into groups by English proficiency then into even smaller for conversation groups. I helped lead two conversation groups. We had questions regarding each day’s theme (Courage, Teamwork, and Values) and other thought provoking topics. Some conversations however quickly turned into what Hungarian words we can make fun of Trevor for mispronouncing.

Each morning after Wake-up Shake-ups and announcements, we had a word from the pastor Tómas. He did a great job tying each theme with a mini-sermon. After all, that is why we are there. To expose as many people to the Gospel. We all brought God into the conversation groups as well as one-on-one conversations. Some were really into talking about faith and some weren’t that interested. On the final morning, pastor Tómas made an alter call. To our surprise the response was well! I remember looking at the other staff members as they were frantically trying to write down names. We only thought a couple people would raise their hands. Jonathan later told me that this was one of the most receptive camps they’ve had. A few of the kids in my conversation group raised their hands which was really exciting. Taking note, I went to Jonathan for a plan. Hearing him speak was like a speech a general gives to pump up the troops. We had a battle plan and it was time to work. Tómas held a meeting upstairs with all those who were interested along with praying together. I asked him later about how it went. He said it went really well and lots of hard questions were answered.

Overall the camps went really well! Many great memories were made! I’m looking forward to the next one.

This is a Hungarian campfire food called Szalonna. It is pig fat melted over a campfire and then dripped onto bread. On the last day we had a fire for the students. I demonstrated how to make a smore and this slice of heaven is what was gifted back. It was delicious!

Communism Statues and Baths!

Due to the easing of restrictions, we could finally go to a lot of places we couldn’t before like going to see more museums and other cool and interesting places.

Memento Park

After the collapse of the USSR, Hungary found itself with a statue problem. Specifically a Communist statue problem. Acknowledging that history is worth preserving, they took all the old statues and put them all together in a park deemed Memento Park.

The “liberating” soldier

We then watched a movie from the Communist government that was used for training on how to spy on people. No joke. It showed the step by steps you took from breaking and entering a suspect’s apartment to blackmailing someone to spy for you. It was also mixed with actual footage the government took of them following random people they thought were suspicious.

Gellert Thermal Bath

Budapest is famous for it’s natural hot springs. Since the restrictions were lifted we finally got to go see them. There is a place that is nearby that we went to. There were all sorts of rooms and pools we got to enjoy. My favorite were the steam rooms. Quite literally it was just a room full of steam. You couldn’t see much or breathe very well but it was fun to hang out in and talk. We probably spent a few hours there bouncing from hot tub to hot tub.

Amanda, (me), Sadie, and Daniel

Prayers needed

Join me in some prayer!

  • One more camp to go! Pray for the students and a positive response to the Gospel.
  • I’m in the process of registering for online classes and making some “adult” decisions. Prayers for His guidance in wisdom in these steps.
  • I’m in need of a haircut. You could pray that I find somewhere that cuts curly hair!

I don’t know how the drought situation is going in Montana, but I’ve been praying for rain! Forgot to mention where though… we got some pretty gnarly rainstorms these last few weeks.

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