Blessings from Budapest (pt. 1)

Sunset over Budapest


Time has been flying by! I can’t believe it’s already been a couple weeks. I hope you all have been enjoying summer! I’ve been really looking forward to writing again and I’m glad that so many people are interested! It’s really motivating and even humbling seeing all of the feedback I’ve been getting!

Adjustment and Acclimation

The thought of living 5,000 miles away from home and on a foreign continent is scary. I was about to dive head deep into the unknown. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little intimidated at first. However, God wasn’t about to let that happen to me and my time here has been so wonderful! The adjustment process went smoothly. Jet lag wasn’t a problem (thanks FedEx sleep schedule!), I didn’t have to quarantine upon arrival, and I get along with the team so well.

The Long family has been such wonderful hosts! It’s been really easy to plug right in! I am so thankful for church families! So many amazing and wonderful conversations! The team is so great too! These are my kind of people! I feel like I’ve known everyone for years. I thoroughly enjoy every bit of fellowship and nights together. There is hardly a dull moment.

My typical day has been consisting of various meetings about camp, as well as general team meetings and check-ins. Most days I get to go out and explore Budapest. Not so much this week because it has been so hot! The ice cream here is amazing and it’s a great treat to have in the heat. There is a ice cream shop on every street! They have a dessert called Kürtöskalács, or chimney cake, and it can be used instead of a cone. At a nearby lake, I had a Kürtöskalács blue sourgrape soft serve with strawberry topping. It was the best thing I have ever had! No exaggeration. I wish I took a picture to show it off but I ate it way too fast! God has been taking great care of me!

English Camp in Letenye

Last week we had our first English camp of the summer! We were in Letenye, a small town near the Croatian border. We hosted a VBS-style camp for the kids from the area. We had three classes of students that were broken up by age groups. The students then had a turn in each classroom, one room being English and the others being Bible and craft. I was helping teach in the English room. The older kids spoke pretty good English. I was surprised by being able to have full conversations with some. We also played so many games! I got to break out my soccer skills! In the evenings we helped with a building project at a chapel in a town nearby called Szentmargitfalva. I really loved the time spent in the community. It was the first time we left the city and went into the countryside. I fell in love with the Letenye area, the land was so beautiful and peaceful. Coming from rural Montana this was home to me. It had a very nice small town feel and I could relate so much with the kids. It was very refreshing to be back in rural life!

Prayer Requests

Thank you for your continual prayer! Here are some things you can join me in specifically praying for:

  • Pray over the camps this summer and for safe travels to and from each location.
  • Pray that more kids are signing up for camps.
  • Pray that God helps me plan a course for this fall and post-Hungary.
  • Pray for the continued conversations about my calling and opportunities to serve.

See you soon!

Freedom Square

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