Stories from the Field: Walkabout

Hey friends! I want to let everyone know that I arrived safely in Hungary and I am enjoying my time with the Long family. Thank you for all of your prayers!

Visiting the Conference Office

My journey to Hungary started with a plane ticket out of Billings. I was waiting on my grandma to get out of the dentist. She dropped me off at Target to get last minute supplies. I had an hour and a half to kill before her appointment was up, but I was in and out of Target in 10 minutes.

Freshly out of the store with plastic shopping bags in hand, I went for a walk to burn some time. Across the street there were some softball fields and a park. I was feeling adventurous so I wandered over. While wandering, I cleared my head and I started praying to God. Initially I prayed to prepare myself for Hungary and all of the airports I would soon be exploring alone. Then I was feeling called to look up our denomination’s churches in the area. I knew we had some in the city but I didn’t know where. So I didn’t a quick Google search and pulled up the ECNA’s website. I saw we had one nearby within walking distance.

I found the address to Faith E. Church and I began walking over. I was quick to decide I wanted a tour of the building. I figured that since I was a member of the denomination, I could just barge in and demand a tour. Approaching the building, I felt a little more polite so I called and gave them a heads up. I was excited to see our conference’s office and a look into how we ran operations somewhere else. My tour guide was Brent Nymeyer, the assistant superintendent of the Western Conference. I thoroughly enjoyed my time spent admiring the halls of Faith E. The church was really cool and I made sure to ask him plenty of questions. I was able to share my life story and my calling to missions. I asked what routes and opportunities to do missions I could take internally. We had a really fruitful conversation and I got to meet one of our missionaries who serves in Bolivia. He suggested that I come down in October for the annual meeting. God also lined up a a chance to talk with Jay Forseth, the General Superintendent of the Evangelical Church. He speaks in Glasgow the same Sunday I will be getting back from Hungary.

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