Hungary on the Horizon!

“You have one business on earth – to save souls.”

-John Wesley

If you haven’t already, please go familiarize yourself with the “My Story” blog post, as I will be building off of that.

Testimonies and an Application

Going to the Glasgow Evangelical Church, I knew all about One Mission Society (OMS). They were on all of the cards on the missionary board. They were the big deal! We always had OMS missionaries come and speak at our church for Harvest Festival, I was always eager to listen to their stories and hear how God was using them. Testimonies speak to me and that is how I initially put in an application with OMS. It was testimony Sunday and I just listened to Maury Graham’s testimony. Hearing his story and how he served with OMS for many years was an inspiration! The Holy Spirit called me that night to apply to OMS and I did!

Men For Missions and the Harvest Festival

Jumping through the hoops of applying put me in contact with Josh Krumenacher with Men For Missions (MFM). We emailed back and forth about my calling and my previous experience with missions. After a few back and forths, he invited me to tour the Global Headquarters in Indiana. I told him that sounded awesome, but that was a little too far away because I lived in Glasgow Montana. He told me how that was crazy and he was actually driving up to Glasgow to speak at a harvest festival and a Christian school! I was awestruck reading that email and I instantly knew God was up to something! I didn’t know who our harvest festival speaker was that year and I did not expect this at all!

I was really looking forward to meeting him in person and talking about MFM and OMS. I was so excited for Harvest Festival! When we finally did meet, we had so many amazing conversations! He nudged me in direction of the summer intern programs that OMS offered overseas.

English as a Second Language

After God perfectly orchestrated me meeting Josh, he emailed me the information about summer internship programs. One stood out to me the most, ESL Intern. This internship was with Jonathan Long in Hungary. Jonathan is a big deal in my church. Many people know him and encouraged me to pursue that internship. I remember meeting him through a Zoom call and we hit it off so well. Everything was lining up perfectly all thanks to God! The rest of the application went by smoothly and a few months later I was accepted to go to Hungary. There I will be serving as an English as a Second Language intern. In Hungary there is a strong desire to learn either German or English. OMS provides English camps during the summer that also house a safe space to share the Gospel.

Say yes to everything and God’ll figure it out

One of the biggest conflictions with Hungary was my job at FedEx. Before the Harvest Festival and before I applied for the ESL Intern in Hungary, I put in for a promotion at FedEx. I was approached by management in August to apply for the position of Operations Manager. I was a package handler for 3 months at that time. I prayed about it and pursued the opportunity. After I put in my application I didn’t hear anything about it for a while. In the meantime that’s when I met Josh Krumenacher and furthered myself with OMS. In December I was interviewed and a few weeks later I was told I received the promotion.

This was a little predicament in my life. I knew I was called to my job, but I was also called to go to Hungary that summer. I didn’t know if I was going to get the job and I didn’t know if I was going to be accepted to go to Hungary. I started my job in January. I was very unsure about Hungary, I didn’t want to quit my job and all summer is quite the time to be off. I sought wise counsel and stayed faithful to God. My logic was to pursue both equally and say yes to everything and let God figure it out. In late February, during my final interview with One Mission Society, I was told I was accepted to Hungary. I then knew I had a tough conversation with my boss coming up.

I waited for my pastor to get back from vacation to talk with him about everything happening. We prepared for how the conversation with my boss was going to go. Working through each possibility and all the details. I spent the night in prayer and asking God for a clear mind. The next day after morning sort my boss was in his office. I knocked on his door and asked if he had a minute. I then went on to explain my opportunity I had, all of the details, and concerns about my employment. His reaction was so laid-back. He said it sounds fun and I had to go through HR for approval. He also told me to not let FedEx get in the way of my passions. I thought to myself was “Wow! I have a really great boss!”. People aren’t like that. I was expecting to have a more confrontational encounter. I am thankful for such a positive work environment.

Almost here!

As I am writing this I am less than two weeks away from Hungary. I am more than fully funded thanks to the generous support of my church family! I have been approved for travel into the country by Hungarian police, which was needed due to current Covid-19 restrictions. Spiritually I am ready to go! God has been the realest in my life thanks to this opportunity and I look forward to what God has in store for me. I can’t wait to come back changed and with a new perspective on the world I can bring back to my local mission field.

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