The Mission Field of FedEx

“I will live Christ-like, loving each and everyone as myself. Working hard in all areas off my life to ensure a better future to myself and those around me.”

My FedEx Personal Mission Statement

If you haven’t already, please go familiarize yourself with the “My Story” blog post, as I will be building off of that.

A summer job

Following my last semester of senior year, I was left at a point in my life not knowing where to go. With my school shut down due to the lockdown, I decided to take a gap year and examine my options. I knew if I was going to take a gap year, I wasn’t just going to sit around all day doing nothing. I knew I had to get a job. I asked God to show me where He wanted me. I was then talked into applying for a Package Handler position at FedEx Ground in Glasgow. This was a huge blessing as God had many great things in store for me. I remember being really excited and grateful when I first started. I just kept thinking of the endless possibilities. By the end of the summer, I was the most senior package handler and a proven hard worker.

What are the possibilities?

Mobility: FedEx connects every state and more than 220 counties and territories. Worldwide FedEx remains the same, moving packages from one place to another. This provides the opportunity to transfer to almost anywhere! As a starting out missionary this is very appealing! I can move somewhere, go to school, serve, or wherever God takes me and most likely have a job to sustain myself. One of the ways Paul supported himself was by making and selling tents on his journeys. Tentmaking is a term referring to Christians who work full-time to support themselves to engage in ministry.

Growth: FedEx is a rapidly growing company. With 2020 a colossal year for growth both physical and financial. Since this growth, I have already seen the fruit of these gains. Our local station grew in size and volume thus needing more personnel. I was promoted to Ops. Manager in January of 2021. FedEx promotes from within and a large number management and other staff started as package handlers. I get sent emails of job listings of other stations with plenty of opportunities of promotion.

Benefits: FedEx offers a wide variety of benefits for all employees part time or full. As a 19 year old one year out of high school, I have full medical coverage with vision, dental, and prescription for a reasonable cost. Another huge benefit is their tuition assistance program. FedEx partners with a university in Pittsburg that offers FedEx Ground employees discounted tuition to their school. This fall, I have actually decided that I am going to be taking online classes through them. I will be taking an ESL Certificate class, which is teaching English as a Second Language. This is exactly what I will be doing in Hungary this summer with OMS. These certificates of some formal education is what OMS looks for in their missionaries. God is allowing me to take from FedEx and use it to pour into my needs to be a missionary, while working hard and making FedEx better.

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