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“Cause I’m just a nobody, trying to tell everybody, all about somebody, who saved my soul.

“Nobody” Casting Crowns

*Quick disclaimer: Don’t expect brief! You came to this website to hear from Trevor and you’re going to get it! I’ve been a Christian 5 years and each year is broken up in a section. Hope you learn something about me! Enjoy!*

I can hardly remember what life was like before being a Christian. Growing up, I have always “believed” but Christ wasn’t my savior. Church was awkward the occasional times we went and something that was always forced. I sometimes look back and reflect on those years, that life feels foreign to me now and so different. I can faithfully say I did come alive spiritually.

Through the doors

My story begins in 2016, I was 14 years old. Like most of the kids at my school, I came from a broken household. Divorce is far too common in our society but its what jumpstarted the chain of events that has led to who I am today. God used that point in my life to get my through the doors of the Glasgow Evangelical Church. I was there for counseling with the youth pastor at the time, Bryon Gustafson. I remember that was the last thing I wanted to do, but my mom made me. I argued with her about it and I am so glad that I didn’t have my way. I met with Bryon for one hour, he didn’t use the time to preach at me, I don’t think he even spoke much about the church. We just talked about what’s going on. That only lasted a few minutes however and the remainder of the time was spent joking around. Towards the end of the hour, he mentioned that on Wednesday nights, a group of students got together upstairs to enjoy snacks and hang out. This was the first time someone invited me to church and I wanted to go!

Youth Group and a Foundation

Wednesdays quickly became my favorite day of the week. Youth group was addicting. The first thing I remember was walking up the stairs to the old youth room, admiring the map painted on the wall, and so many people from my school sitting around on the couches having a good time. It wasn’t awkward as I thought it was going to be. My spirit was so dry that I just soaked up everything. From Tim leading worship in the sanctuary to Bryon’s message upstairs, I loved it all. So many great memories were made on those nights. And so many snacks! God used the church family as a hook to keep me coming as there was a lack of that fellowship in my life at the time. God was rapidly working in my life.

A calling

Jumping forward a year spent active in the church, volunteering with AWANA and never missing a youth group, the 2017 mission trip to Guatemala was approaching. I wanted to go. The process of applying and going went by easy. I had no clue what God was about to show me. There is where it all began! My calling and the reason why you are reading this! Mission work! My time spent at Casa Bernabe orphanage is near indescribable. Never so clearly before have I felt God’s presence. Everywhere we went was a thrill. Each an opportunity to experience God differently. I remember one place we went, a tucked away marketplace in Antigua, I got “lost”. Time spent alone immersed in an entirely new language and culture with only reliance on God. It was fantastic! I wanted to live everyday like that, not lost, but in tune with God with total faith. This was confirmed when later that evening I got to meet one of the founders of the orphanage. Hearing her testimony pushed me into the deep end. Hearing her talk about the struggle she endured, never giving up or losing her faith inspired me. I wanted to be just like her. The rest of the time spent in Guatemala was so rich. My prayers were powerful, it felt like a chorus of men were praying with me and God answered every prayer. One of the nights, I wandered off on campus with only my Bible and a flashlight with me. I read Ecclesiastes for the very first time. The first chapter is called “Everything is Meaningless” and that is very true. The only thing that matters in this life is following Christ. Literally the only reason why we are on this earth is because of that! To go and make disciples of the world! Ecclesiastes pointed that out vividly. That really resonated with me on the trip and laid solid foundation for me post-Guat.


Post-Guatemala brought clarity but also hardship. 2018 was the hardest year of my Christian walk. I plateaued. My impression of God was through the lens of the people around me. Yes, I knew God personally but I lacked that endurance needed for the other 6 days of the week. This was a very challenging season. Relationships slipped, meaningless distractions filled my time, and I took youth group and the people for granted. Though this was tough, I wouldn’t go back and change it. Everything happens for a reason and I had to go through that. I learnt many important life skills throughout the year because of the struggle. Such as proper communication, the ability to express my emotions, and how to be a good friend. This period of complacency went on for a while. Until the following spring, when my youth pastor Bryon announced his resignation and was moving away from Glasgow.

Hardship brings growth

Bryon and his family moving away were very hard on me. This was also very sobering. I spent a lot of quality time reconnecting with God. I couldn’t let myself fade out. I now had to hold myself accountable as Bryon wouldn’t be there to do it for me anymore. I still knew I was called to missions and I wasn’t about to jeopardize that. The fall of 2019 I was back on track! Christ fulfilled me and the same peace that accompanied me in Guatemala was present. I was applying to attend Arrowhead Bible College, Wednesday night small groups were still happening, and I had many great friends in my life. All was going great!


It was smooth sailing until March of 2020, when the dreaded lockdown began. My last couple months of being a senior in high school was full of turmoil. School went online and I missed out on many things. We didn’t get to have a prom or graduation celebrations, worst of all I didn’t get the closure of saying a proper goodbye to many of my friends. To make things worse, I was told Arrowhead wasn’t have class that fall. I was now in a position where I could only rely on God. I prayed knowing that I wasn’t alone and God wasn’t giving up on me. I decided to take a gap year to think and look at options. I felt like such a mature adult with getting a job at FedEx and buying a car. This was also a time I could start attending church on Sundays consistently. I no longer had sports that would interfere. I grew closer with the church family, especially with people who I didn’t normally interact with before. I felt more connected than ever! 2020 brought me many good things! I officiated my two best friends’ wedding! My calling was coming to fruition as I was beginning a process of becoming an missionary. One truth that helped me along this year was we are told to not worry about the future. Everything happens for a reason and just to stay faithful to God no matter what. My prayer that I had in Guatemala about living on God alone was coming true.

Missions, ministries, and meaning

2021, the year I am writing this. I am promoted to a manager position within FedEx. I am accepted to go to Hungary with One Mission Society. I am very involved in the church, volunteering on Sundays, sermon preparation on Tuesdays, and help cooking meals on Wednesday nights. Working on my ministry skills with stepping in to fill Wednesday night adult Bible studies. I became a member of the Glasgow Evangelical Church. Hard work and patience paid off. God is the realest He has ever been in my life and I am eager. I am so grateful for my gap year and it’s been a blessing not having to worry because God is great! Prayer works friends!

This concludes my story so far! Please check back later or visit my other blogs to dive deeper into the wonderful ways God’s working in my life! Thank you!

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